Odia Calendar 2023 (Oriya) – All Months Calendar Online (NEW)

Here is the Odia Calendar for 2023. The new Kohinoor Odia Calendar is here with all the festival dates and more. Check it below online for free. You can download it as an image only. The Oriya Calendar’s PDF download version is coming soon!

Odia Calendar 2023

Below we have provided the odia calendar for the current month of the year, you can check sun rise, sunset times, all the important dates for marriage, bratopanayan, griharambha, gruha prabesh, as well as dates for starting new business.

January 2023

January Odia Calendar 2023

Marriage dates in January 2023 odia calendar- 15,17,18,19,22,,25,26,27,30,31

Bratopanayan Dates in January- 26,27

Jan 1SundayEnglish New Year, Samba Dashami
Jan 12ThursdaySwami Vivekananda Jayanti
Jan 14SaturdayMakar Sankranti 2023, Pongal
Jan 21Saturdayshani chalan 2023
Jan 23MondayNetaji & Bira Surendra Say Jayanti
Jan 26Thursday Republic Day, Saraswati puja 2023, Sri Panchami, Basant Panchami

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February 2023

Oriya Calendar February 2023

Marriage dates in February 2023 odia calendar- 10,11,15,16,17,22,24,28

Bratopanayan Dates in February- 22,24

Feb 13MondayKumbh Sankranti
Feb 18SaturdayMaha Shivaratri date 2023, Jagara

March 2023

March 2023 Odia Calendar

Marriage dates in March 2023 odia calendar – 1,8,9,11

Bratopanayan Dates in March- 9

Mar 1WednesdayFagu Dasami
Mar 7TuesdayDola Purnima 2023 date
Mar 8WednesdayHoli date 2023
Mar 15WednesdayMina Sankranti
Mar 22Wednesdaybasanti durga puja
Mar 29WednesdayLingaraj rath yatra
Mar 30ThursdayRama navami 2023 date

April 2023

April Odia Calendar 2023

Marriage dates in 2023 April- No dates available

Bratopanayan Dates in April- No dates available

Apr 1SaturdayUtkal Divas
Apr 6ThursdayChaitra Purnima
Apr 7FridayGood Friday
Apr 14FridayMahabisuba Pana Sankranti 2023, Hanuman Jayanti, D. Ambedakar Jayanti
Apr 22Saturdayeid ul fitr 2023
Apr 23Sundayakshaya tritiya 2023 date
Apr 28FridayMadhubabu Jayanti

May 2023

Odia Calender 2023 May

Marriage dates in May 2023 odia calendar- 16,17,20,21,22,26,29,30,31

Bratopanayan Dates in May- No dates available

May 1MondaySharamika Divas
May 15MondayBrusa Sankranti
May 19FridaySabitri Brata 2023 date, Bata Sabitri Puja

June 2023

June 2023 Odia Calendar

Marriage dates in June 2023 odia calendar- 1,7,8,12,13,23,26,28,29

Bratopanayan Dates in June- 1,8,21,29

June 4Sundaydeba snana purnima
June 14Wednesdaypahili raja
June 15ThursdayRaja Sankranti 2023 date
June 16FridayBhudaha, sesha raja
June 20TuesdayRath Yatra 2023 date
June 27Tuesdaybipattarini puja
June 28Wednesdaybahuda yatra
June 29Thursdaysuna besha 2023

July 2023

Odia Calendar 2023 July

Marriage dates in July 2023 odia calendar- 5,8,9,10,14

Bratopanayan Dates in July- No dates available

July 1Saturdayniladri bije
July 3Mondayguru purnima
July 10Mondaybol bam 2023 date
July 17MondayKarkat Sankranti, chitalagi amavasya date
July 29Saturdaymuharram

August 2023

August Odia Calendar 2023

Marriage dates in 2023 August- No dates available

Bratopanayan Dates in August- No dates available

Aug 15TuesdayIndependence Day
Aug 17ThursdaySingh Sankranti
Aug 30Wednesdayrakhi purnima 2023 date, raksha bandhan
Aug 31Thursdaygamha purnima

September 2023

Odia Calendar September 2023

Marriage dates in September 2023- No dates available

Bratopanayan Dates in September- No dates available

Sep 3Sundaykhudurukuni osha
Sep 5TuesdayGuru Divasa
Sep 6Wednesdayjanmashtami 2023 date odisha, shri krishna janmashtami
Sep 17SundayKanya Sankranti, vishwakarma puja
Sep 19Tuesdayganesh puja, Sri Ganesh Chaturthi
Sep 20Wednesdaynuakhai 2023 date
Sep 29Fridaybhagabata janma 2023 date

October 2023

Odia Calender 2023 October

Marriage dates in October 2023- No dates available

Bratopanayan Dates in October- No dates available

Oct 2SundayGandhi jayanti, Sastri Jayanti
Oct 14Mondaymahalaya 2023 date, mahalaya amavasya
Oct 15Tuesdaydurga puja, shardiya navratri
Oct 18Wednesdaygarbhana sankranti
Oct 21Sundaymaha ashtami, mrunmai debinka saptami puja
Oct 22Fridaymaha nabami, mrunmai debinka maha ashtami puja
Oct 23Sundaymrunmai debinka maha nabami puja
Oct 24Mondaybijaya dashami, dussehra
Oct 28Mondaykumar purnima 2023 date, gaja laxmi puja

November 2023

November Odia Calendar 2023

Marriage dates in November 2023- 24,28,29

Bratopanayan Dates in November- No dates available

Nov 12MondayDiwali, Dipavali Amabasya, Syama Kali Puja
Nov 14TuesdaySisu divas
Nov 17FridayBicha Sankranti, Kartikeswar Puja
Nov 19SundayShola sasan amruta manohi bhoga
Nov 21Tuesdayanla navami 2023, radha pada darshan
Nov 25SaturdayBada Osa, bada osha
Nov 27MondayKartik Purnima 2023, Ras Purnimaa, Bali jatra Arambh
Nov 28TuesdayChhada khai
Nov 30ThursdayManabasa Gurubar pratham pali

December 2023

Odia Calendar 2023 December

Marriage dates in December 2023- 4,8,9,10,13

Bratopanayan Dates in December- No dates available

Dec 5ThursdayPratamastami
Dec 7WednesdayManabasa Gurubar dwitiya pali
Dec 16ThursdayDhanu Sankranti
Dec 24Thursdaygita jayanti 2023
Dec 25FridayChristmas Day, bada dina
Dec 26Fridaypurnima, Pandu Osa
Dec 28Saturdaybata osha

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More about an Odia Calendar 2023:

The people of Odisha commonly uses an Odia Calendar for Daily Panchang, auspicious days. Oriya festivals and other more details are always there in a Mini Panjika. The Oriya calendar helps from ancient times in Odisha to set all the Hindu festival dates along with Odia festivals. The festival dates such as Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Durga Puja, Diwali, Maha Shivratri, Krishna Janmashtami, etc. With regional Odisha, festival dates Rajo, Savitri, Dola, Mana basa, etc. Odia calendar 2023 is a traditional way of time keeping which differs in emphasis to moon cycle or sun cycle and the name of the months. In comparison to other lunisolar calendars when a new year starts. Odia calendar considered as a Hindu calendar found on the east. You can check that on Wikipedia. In Odia calendar 2023, the year begins in spring. An Odia calendar 2023 is also known as Odia Panchang for 2023.

Festival Dates 2023 in Odisha:

Most of the festivals provided on the calendar are calculated based on the positions of the moon and sun. While we give the details of the festivals on each month respectively starting from January 2023 to December 2023. But most of the Hindu festivals depend on the timezone for different cities as the sunrise time is different for different cities. For that reason, you should check Odia Panji for details of the celebration of festival time for different cities. Oriya Calendar 2023 is also known as a reference for Vrat and Parva Parvani calendar for this year. Vrat stands for fasting, and Parva Parvani stands for Festivals.

Odia people celebrate Durga Puja, Rath Yatra, Ganesh Puja, Bali Yatra, Rajo, Holi, Dola Yatra in a big and colorful way. However, all these festivals and vrats are calculated according to the position of sun and moon. There is also we need to consider Amanta, Purnimanta, and pakshya. Amanta and Purnimanta are two systems. These are followed by Indian traditions for lunar months while calculating for Odia calendar 2023. Amanta ends on no moon day of the lunar month while purnimanta ends on full moon day.

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